Monday, September 26, 2016

BoardDocs Approvals and Talking Points for October 4 Agenda

Executive Leadership/Instructional Cabinet:


Please review the October 4 agenda for items submitted by you and/or your direct reports for needed approvals and to ensure notes/talking points are included.  Agenda items must be completely routed and approved, and talking points posted to BoardDocs, by closed of business on Wednesday, September 28, but no later than 12 noon on Friday, September 30.


Notes/Talking Points:

·         For agenda item(s) in your queue, insert talking points at Executive Content section; approve and move on to next approver.

·         For agenda item(s) that have completed through the approval chain and no longer in your queue, forward notes by direct reply to this email.

·            If agenda item is still in your queue and you do not have any talking points, please add “No additional information.” at Executive Content section or via email response.


REMINDER:  Talking points provide supplementary information to Superintendent Marten for discussion of agenda items during board proceedings.


Thank you.


Josefina Viorato

Confidential Administrative Assistant II

Board Services Office

4100 Normal Street, Room 2231

San Diego, CA  92103

( (619) 725-5551

7 (619) 297-5624





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