Monday, August 29, 2011

NEWS RELEASE -- Next Redistricting Committee Meeting to Discuss Alternative Maps

News Release from the San Diego Unified School District,
August 29, 2011


SAN DIEGO -- The Board of Education's Redistricting Advisory Committee
will discuss several alternatives for redrawing sub-district boundaries in
the San Diego Unified School District at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 1, in Room
2226, Eugene Brucker Education Center, 4100 Normal St. (92103).

The meeting is open to the public and testimony will be taken.

The committee will recommend to the Board of Education adjustments the
school board election boundaries to balance population with 2010 Census
numbers. Changes would affect which board members represent the districts;
school attendance boundaries or high school feeder patterns would not be

At the meeting, the Committee will review several alternative maps that
make changes to sub district boundaries. The maps and more information are
available online at

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Bernie Rhinerson
Chief of Staff
San Diego Unified School District
(619) 725-5567 (desk)
(619) 300-7015 (cell)

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