Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MEDIA ADVISORY from the San Diego Unified School District, June 21, 2012


WHAT: Representatives from the San Diego Education Association (SDEA), San Diego Unified School District, City of San Diego, San Diego Community College Board, San Diego County Labor Council and the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce as well as parents will discuss the tentative agreement between the district and SDEA.

WHEN/WHERE: 11 a.m., Thursday, June 21, Central Elementary School, 4063 Polk Ave (92105)

BACKGROUND: The speakers have asked for this time to publicly thank the educators in SDEA for their sacrifices and commitment to students as shown by the tentative agreement. The speakers will also be discussing the November ballot measures that will affect schools.

SPEAKERS: Tony Young, President, San Diego City Council; Lorena Gonzalez, San Diego County Labor Council; Fran Shrimp, President, La Jolla Cluster; Mark Leslie, Chairman, Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce; Rich Grosch, San Diego Community College Board; Bill Freeman, President, San Diego Education Association; Cindy Marten, principal, Central Elementary School; John Lee Evans, President, San Diego Unified School District Board of Education.

CONTACT: Bernie Rhinerson, Chief of Staff, San Diego Unified School District, 619-300-7015 (cell); 619-725-5567 (desk)

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