Friday, July 12, 2013

NEWS RELEASE -- Illnesses at Audubon K-8 School most likely result of "dare"

NEWS RELEASE from the San Diego Unified School District, July 12, 2013


SAN DIEGO -- Illnesses reported by students Thursday at Audubon K-8
school, resulting in 22 children being taken to local hospitals, most
likely originated with a "dare" by fourth-grade students during lunch, a
preliminary investigation by the San Diego Unified School District has

Parents and students reported to Principal Jean Freeman that several
fourth graders were playing a game of "dare" during lunch to see how many
food items could be put into a drink. Juice and milk were available drinks
during lunch. Carrots, salt, pepper and hot sauce were among the items the
student put in their beverages, then drank the mixture.

Once a number of students reported to the nurse's office with stomach
symptoms, a general announcement was made by teachers to see if other
students had stomach problem. Several students, who may not have had
problems at all, reported aches. More than 425 students ate meals at
Audubon on Thursday. The school is located at 8111 San Vicente St. (92114).

As a precaution, 22 students were transported to local hospitals for
evaluation. All were later released to their parents or guardians.

The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency continues its
investigation. San Diego Unified has fully cooperated with the
investigation. The school's kitchen, cafeteria and outdoor lunch areas
were all sanitized overnight. Students returned to a cleaned school and
were served breakfast-in-the-classroom and lunch on schedule.

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