Thursday, July 11, 2013

NEWS RELEASE -- Update on Audubon K-8 illnesses

NEWS RELEASE from the San Diego Unified School District, July 11, 2013


SAN DIEGO -- 22 students were taken to several hospitals with illnesses following lunch at Audubon K-8 School in the Skyline District today. Although reports are that most of the students were released after examinations, the district has no details on their conditions.

The affected students were in grades kindergarten through seven. San Diego Fire Department paramedics coordinated the students' transport. Audubon K-8 staff and San Diego Unified School Police ensured that parents and guardians were notified of their child's condition and School Police officers stayed at hospitals until the arrival of a parent or guardian. Approximately 425 students had lunch today at the campus, which is on a year-round calendar and in session through Friday, July 19.

San Diego Unified's Food Services Department is fully cooperating with the County of San Diego Enviornmental Health Department, which is conducting an investigation into the incident.

School will be in normal session at Audubon, located at 8111 San Vicente St. (92114). Breakfast in the Classroom and lunch will be served on a normal schedule.

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