Monday, November 21, 2016

Media Advisory--San Diego school leaders rally to protect and support all students

Media Advisory from the San Diego Unified School District, Nov. 21, 2016


San Diego school leaders rally to protect and support all students.


Countywide rally called for Old Town on December 14 to stand with students.


SAN DIEGO—On Monday, November 21 School leaders from across San Diego County are pledging to keep their schools open and welcoming for all students, despite the recent election campaign that left some students and their families feeling vulnerable. The group is calling for allies across the political spectrum to stand with students at a countywide rally being planned for December 14 in Old Town, San Diego. The December rally to support students is being organized by the San Diego Unified School District Office of Family and Community Engagement.


“We want every child in San Diego, California and the nation to know that schools are safe places, where you are welcome, no matter your religious background, gender identity or country of national origin,” said Superintendent Cindy Marten of San Diego Unified. “We refuse to let our students be defined by the way others see them. For us, students are defined by their dreams, and we support the dreams of every single one of our students.”


Following the recent presidential election, schools have heard from their teachers and staff that many students are feeling vulnerable. Leaders from the LGBTQIA, Muslim, organized labor and Latino immigrant communities have expressed their support for the planned Old Town march in December. The march to support students is being called a celebration of light in recognition of the special significance this time of year holds for many communities.


“We want to bring everyone together from across the political spectrum, across all racial and ethnic groups and across all communities in our county to say we support students,” said Richard Barrera, San Diego Unified School Board Member. “What we need now is not more division. What we need now is unity, tolerance and respect for others. That is what we will be marching for on December 14, and we hope the whole county will come out to support our students.”



WHEN:  Monday, November 21, 2016


TIME:  4:00 P.M.


WHERE:  San Diego Unified Board of Education, 4100 Normal St., San Diego, CA  92103


WHAT:  Announcing plans for a countywide rally December 14


WHY:  To support all our students


WHO:  School leaders from across San Diego County



CONTACTS:                         Andrew Sharp

                                                Chief Public Information Office

                                                San Diego Unified School District


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