Monday, January 30, 2017

Baker Elementary to reveal mural featuring Americans and others of influence

Media Advisory from the San Diego Unified School District, Jan. 30, 2017


Baker Elementary to reveal mural featuring Americans and others of influence


WHAT:  Baker Elementary will reveal a new mural featuring individuals who have used their knowledge to influence the world in positive ways, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez and Barrack Obama. Some local heroes are included as well. Andrea Rushing, a popular local artist who has a studio in Barrio Logan, began working on the mural last school year.


WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 31, 8:15 a.m.


WHERE: 4041 T St. (92113)


DETAILS:  The theme of the mural is “Knowledge is Power” as it is one of the beliefs the school ascribes to in The Baker Way:


A-Always work hard!

K-Knowledge is Power!

E-Everyday do your best!

R-Respect Everyone!


Students in each classroom contributed ideas for what they envisioned “Knowledge is Power” to mean. The artist reviewed each contribution and came up with the image that will be revealed on Tuesday.


The mural was a gift from the UCSD Free Clinic that was housed at Baker Elementary for 18 years. Last year, the facility had to relocate, and as a parting gift, commissioned the mural to be installed on the back of the buildings where the clinic was previously located.


The mural also includes local heroes, represented by some of the folks who worked in the clinic. One of the women began as a volunteer and all of her own children and grandchildren attended Baker.


The event will begin with a ceremony honoring Baker’s award-winning students of the month, followed by several speakers, and conclude with the mural dedication. A reception will follow at 9 a.m. for the student speakers and distinguished guests.


PHOTOS/VISUALS: Mural reveal; Baker ES students in front of the new mural


CONTACT: Kathleen Gallagher, Baker ES Principal, 619-344-4800 (school number) | Facebook – | Twitter - @sdschools | Instagram – sandiegounified