Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scott Barnett News Release - May 26, 2011

NEWS from Scott Barnett:

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Barnett calls for Employees to Forgo Raises to Save Jobs


Hundreds laid off in face of planned raises of more than $88 million over next three years


San Diego, CA …With schools facing the worse financial crisis since the great depression, SDUSD Board Trustee Scott Barnett has called on 15,000 teachers and other employees to forgo raises in order to restore teachers next year and avoid future layoffs.

"The issue is not whether our teachers and other employees deserve raises, I believe they do,” said Barnett, School Board Trustee.  "But the plain fact is we can't afford raises."

SDUSD paid $17 million in raises this school year. $12.5 million will be paid next year, and $76 million during the following two years in step and column and negotiated salary increases.

The bulk of the raises will go to classroom teachers according to Barnett.

"Every dollar we spend on raises is a dollar we don't have retain teachers, nurses, counselors and our vital support staff." said Barnett.

"Our school board unanimously asked our employee unions to work in partnership with us to find ways to save jobs.  But sadly, every union except our school police refused to even discuss options.  I don't understand how the leaders who represent our employees can justify not even talking about ways to save jobs. Everything must be on the table," said Barnett.

"My daughters have teachers who are facing layoffs next year,” said Barnett.  ”No school is immune from these terrible cuts.  But we can save jobs if we forgo raises," said Barnett, who was elected last November.

Even in the unlikely event that proposed tax extensions are approved by the legislature, San Diego Unified schools district is facing deficits of $ 23 million next year and $100 million by 2013.



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