Monday, October 3, 2011

NEWS RELEASE -- District Reports Slight Drop in Enrollment

NEWS RELEASE from the San Diego Unified School District, October 3, 2011


SAN DIEGO -- California's second largest school district released its
official enrollment numbers for the current school year, with 134,053
students enrolled on September 30, 2011, down 857 from 2010.

The number includes all students, from pre-kindergarten through grade 12
in district-run and charter schools, as well as children in preformal and
infant programs. The decrease was slightly larger than projected.

³The enrollment number does not alter our course for the upcoming school
year,² said Supt. Bill Kowba. ³We remain focused on advancing student
achievement and preparing all students for success in their choice of
college and career.²

The total kindergarten through grade 12 enrollment in district-run schools
is now 114,458, down by 1,859 students from 2010. Total district-school
enrollment from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 is now 117,804, a
decrease of 1,683 students from last year, and below by 1,747 students of
projections used for budget and staffing. This will result in some schools
needing to reduce staff while others
will add staff or remain unaffected.

Total district charter school enrollment is now at 16,249, an increase of
826 students from 2010. The district has a total of 42 charter schools
this year; there were 41 charter schools in 2010.

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