Friday, August 24, 2012

Media Advisory for School Lunch Event

MEDIA ADVISORY from the San Diego Unified School District, August 24, 2012


WHAT: Student body presidents from around the San Diego Unified School
District will taste test new items on the cafeteria menu for 2012-13.

WHEN/WHERE: Noon, Tuesday, Aug. 28, Pacific Beach Middle School, 4676
Ingraham St. (92109).

DETAILS: The award-winning San Diego Unified School District cafeteria
menu is being revised due to new federal guidelines for school lunches.
The elected student leaders from San Diego Unified high schools will be
there to sample the new menu, which complies with the federal Healthy
Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

The food court at Pacific Beach Middle School will be representative of
the service areas at high schools around the district. Although San Diego
Unified's school lunch menu has been known for its healthy alternatives
for several years (salad bars have been in elementary schools for a
decade), the new federal regulations mean recipes have been adjusted and
portions have changed for many menu items.

Officials from the California Endowment and local health advocates will be
on hand to join the students for lunch. The California Endowment is
supporting San Diego Unified's efforts in Food Services and the new
federal guidelines. It has chosen to highlight this program as an example
of how one district has given students healthy choices in the cafeteria.


-- Student leaders from throughout San Diego
-- Bill Kowba, Superintendent, San Diego Unified School District
-- Dr. John Lee Evans, President, Board of Education, San Diego Unified
School District
-- Judi Larsen, Program Manager, The California Endowment
-- Dr. Christine Wood MD, Pediatrician, Co-Chair, San Diego County
Childhood Obesity Initiative
-- Gary Petill, Food Services Director, San Diego Unified School District

PHOTOS/VISUALS: Students and guests will be sampling the menu with most of
the choices and portions available as they will be at schools starting
Sept. 4. We're hoping the adult guests will join the students at lunch
tables; the media is welcome to interview them at that time. Kiosks are
bright and colorful, featuring different themes. Yes, we still serve
hamburgers and a barbecue will be on hand.

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CONTACT: Jack Brandais | Communications Department | San Diego Unified
School District | (619) 725-5570 (Desk) | (619) 607-0477 (Cell)

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