Friday, August 31, 2012

MEDIA ADVISORY -- Media Calendar from the San Diego Unified School District

MEDIA CALENDAR -- Upcoming Events in the San Diego Unified School District

Your coverage is invited of any of the following upcoming events on the
campuses of the San Diego Unified School District. For more items, check
out the calendar on the front of the district website at

Please note that if items are listed as "not open to the public," that
means accredited members of the media are invited, but the general public
is not. These are generally items during the school day.

* Indicates new items added since last week.

For a calendar of noticed public meetings, go to . Those meetings might not be included in
this listing.


* 1 -- Countdown to Kickoff, 10 a.m., Point Loma High School, 2335
Chatsworth Blvd. (92106). Help dedicate the new athletic room and football
field, plus enjoy lots of activities at the school and help support the
Pointer Association, the school's foundation. Sponsored by the Pointer
Association. Contacts: Dinisa DaRosa-Valadao, 619-518-5614 or email at Open to the public. Admission: $10.

* 1 -- Pt. Loma High Football Stadium Dedication, 2 p.m., Point Loma High
School, 2335 Chatsworth Blvd. (92106). Point Loma High School is inviting
students, parents, staff and community members to celebrate the completion
of its new synthetic turf football field and new weight room as it kicks
off the 2012 football season. Media contact: Cynthia Reed-Porter
619-546-3378. Open to the public.

* 4 -- First Day of School in the San Diego Unified School District. Supt.
Bill Kowba will be at Serra High School, 5156 Santo Rd. (92124), from 6-7;
7:30-8:10 a.m., Kimbrough Elementary School, 321 Hoitt St. (92102); 8:35 -
9:15 a.m. Marston Middle School, 3799 Clairemont Dr. (92117). Supt. Kowba
will be joined by Dr. John Lee Evans and will be welcoming students,
parents, teachers and staff back to school for the 2012-13 school year.
Media contact: Linda Zintz, Communications Director, 619-847-6637. Not
open to the public.

* 7 -- Landscapes Rediscovered: Depression-Era San Diego Paintings,
5:30-7:30 p.m. San Diego History Center, Balboa Park. First exhibition of
Depression-era paintings from acclaimed San Diego Artists including
Charles Reiffel and Maurice Braun. Stunning works of familiar San Diego
landmarks unseen by the public for decades. Reservations Requested.
Contact: San Diego
History Center at (619) 232-6203 ext. 111 or email at Open to the public.

* 10 -- Madison Community of Schools Meeting, 5:30 p.m., Madison High
School, Room 101, 4833 Doliva Dr. (92117). Clusters are a pre-Kindergarten
through grade 12 community of schools with established feeder patterns.
Within these communities of schools, there are specific needs and
interests that are both common and unique to the cluster. Clusters include
staff, parents, students and community members. Parents, students,
community members and staff are all invited.
Contact: Richard Nash, Principal, Madison High School, (858) 496-8410.
Open to the public.

* 10 -- Gage Elementary Grandparents Appreciation Gathering, 7:45-8:15
a.m. Gage Elementary School, 6811 Bisby Lake (92119). All grandparents are
invited this PTA-sponsored event which will be held near the flagpole in
Gage's front courtyard. Light refreshments will be served. Contact: Kathy
Burns, Principal, (619) 463-0202. Open to Gage grandparents only.

* 21 -- Birney Elementary International Day of Peace Celebration, 9:30-10
a.m., Birney Elementary School, 4345 Campus Ave. (92103). Students at the
International Baccalaureate school will gather the create a giant peace
symbol on their playground to celebrate the International Day of Peace.
Contact: Amanda Hammond-Williams, Principal, (619) 497-3500. Not open to
the public.

* 29 -- Parent Advocacy Training and Youth Workshop, 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.,
Cherokee Point Elementary School, 3735 38th St. (92105). Two workshops are
being offered at this time. Parent Advocacy is an interactive workshops
for families to be the best advocate for their child, discussing the
important issues affecting their child's education, and what families can
do about it. The youth seminar covers topics such as student rights at
school. Contact: Marco Beltran, (619) 293-4431. Open to the public.


* 6 -- EdUCate!'s Fourth Annual Oktoberfest, 2-6 p.m. Standley Park and
Recreation Center, 3585 Governor Drive (92122). EdUCate! is the community
support group for University City schools. Its fourth annual Oktoberfest
hopes to raise $15,000 to benefit the five public schools in University
City. Activities include a rock climbing wall, jousting, penguin flicker,
Jenga and more!Contact: Open to the public.

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