Thursday, January 10, 2013

NEWS RELEASE -- San Diego Unified Superintendent Statement on Governor's January Budget Proposal

NEWS RELEASE from the San Diego Unified School District, January 10, 2012


The Governor's proposal seems like a good starting point for restoring
funding to public education, although it will take us time to analyze its
impacts for our District. We are committed to providing stability for our
schools in the 2013-14 year. As we study the details of the Governor's
proposal, we are hopeful we can maintain stable school staffing in the
next budget year.

After five years of cuts to education, it is a relief to see that trend
reversed, but as the Governor stated, it will take time to return
education funding to the adequate levels that we saw in 2008. This is a
step forward but at first look we believe that that there will be
enhancements that we and others in the education community will be urging
the Legislature to make as they begin to refine this preliminary proposal
from the governor.

As we go through our own budget process over the coming weeks, we will
make clear to both the Governor's office and to the Legislature where the
proposal needs to be improved in order to achieve the goal of stability
for our schools in the coming year.

Superintendent, San Diego Unified School District

# # #

Note to reporters: We are pleased that funding has been increased but
further study of the details is necessary before any conclusions can be
reached. Our Finance team will be doing this work over the coming days
and will prepare a report to the Board for its January 22 meeting. Any
detailed comment will have to wait until that report is completed.

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