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NEWS RELEASE -- Mayoral Candidates To Hear Questions From Young Students

Reporters and editors: Sharing this news release for the mayoral forum
tomorrow night at Roosevelt Middle School. Please contact Linda LeGerrette
or Sara Gurling for details.

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NEWS October 28, 2013

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Mayoral Candidates To Hear Questions From Young Students

Students' Questions Selected for October 30th Mayoral Candidate Forum

San Diego, October 28, 2013 ­ San Diego¹s Mayoral candidates will face
tough questions from local students at the Mayoral Community Forum on
Education scheduled for this Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 5:30 pm at
Roosevelt Middle School. A student panel will ask the candidates to
respond to 10 questions that were chosen from 347 questions that were
submitted by student members of the Cesar Chavez Service Clubs (Chavez
Club), a youth leadership program taught at 17 local schools.

During the last two weeks week, Chavez Club members, called ³Chavistas²,
were asked to develop questions for the candidates for this unique mayoral
forum. Chavez Club coordinators worked with students to prepare ³Youth
Leadership Questions² or a ³YLQ² for the Mayoral candidates. From the 347
questions prepared by students, the Club has now created the ³Youth
Leaderships Top 10 Questions for Our Future Mayor²
list that will be used at the October 30 Community Forum on Education with

At the Wednesday Forum, a panel of 5 students, four Chavista members from
Roosevelt IB Middle School and one community college student, will pose
the Top 10 Question List to the candidates. The list of questions covers
a wide range of topics that
represented the issues of importance to student leaders. The questions
to candidates in advance) cover the following topics; education/student
involvement, libraries/transportation, public/student safety,
parks/infrastructure, and helping students succeed.

³Our young Chavistas will be San Diego¹s future leaders,² said Carlos
LeGerrette, a Club Founder. ³The young people of our city deserve the
opportunity to ask their questions of those who want to be Mayor and to
hear their answers about how they will support public education that will
prepare all young students to become future

There are 38 different Chavez Clubs located in 17 local schools with more
than 900 student members. The YLQ¹s selected from these students will be
posed to the mayoral candidates by a panel of 5 students as
representatives of all young students from
elementary to community college level.

For more
information about the October 30 forum visit the Forum Event Page at:

About The Cesar Chavez Service Clubs
Since 2001, the Chavez Clubs have been an exciting and innovative
leadership development club active in local schools. The Clubs are built
on the ten values of Cesar Chavez and are designed to engage Club members
in community service activities.

By organizing student service clubs, teaching the ten values the Cesar
embodied and carrying out community service projects, the Clubs inspire
to believe in themselves and to know they can make a difference.
For more information see www.chavezclubs.org <http://www.chavezclubs.org>


Youth Leaderships Top 10
Questions for Our Future Mayor
(10 Questions selected from
334 questions prepared by K-12 Chavistas and community college students)

Education and Student Involvement

1. I would like to know how the city and schools are related, and what
they do to help each other. What does the city government have to do with
the school district
and how do they work together to help us?

2. What will you do to boost student civic engagement to get students
involved in
government and public service and would you partner with the school
superintendent and the board of education to speak to student groups?

3. Do you champion state legislation that would grant community colleges
the option to provide bachelor degrees?

Libraries and Transportation
4. With libraries closing early (public/college campus) many students
struggle to complete homework assignments due to lack of internet access
at home. What can you do as mayor of our city to provide more libraries
with longer hours, with cooler books that we can relate to and provide
free WiFi inside the library?
5. Many city college students rely on public transportation, but right now
when we have to pay $72 for a bus pass and sometimes we are faced to
choose between buying our textbooks and a bus pass. How would you address
this issue?

Public and Student Safety
6. Today¹s students face bullying at school and in cyberspace. Some
students have even taken their own lives because of bullying. Were you
bullied in school or college and what can you do as mayor to address this
terrible problem in schools and communities?
7. How can you stop the violence around schools such as: tagging, alcohol,
drugs, and shootings?

Parks and Neighborhood Infrastructure
8. Nice family friendly parks bring pride to communities. How can the
mayor¹s office open possibilities for joint-use agreements so school
facilities such as playgrounds and gyms/pools can be staffed for access by
members of the communities?
9. Can I please get better sidewalks because some sidewalks I walk on are
dangerous for kids to use?

Helping Youth Succeed
10. What do you see as your role in ensuring San Diego City Schools bridge
the divide so that all youth will have a fair chance, at least based on
basic education, to compete in San Diego¹s job market?

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