Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BoardDocs Submission Deadline for and January 6 (Charter) and January 13 Agendas

BoardDocs Users,


A reminder that the BoardDocs submission deadline for January 6 (charter) and January 13 agenda items is 12 noon on Thursday, December 11.

NOTE:  Monday, November 3  was the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts (SS&C) deadline for contracts/agreements/MOUs.  If you missed this deadline, please contact SSC directly at (858) 522-5808, for assistance with submitting to a future board date.

Beginning with close of business on Thursday, December 11 and moving forward, DO NOT ADD, MOVE, OR REJECT AGENDA ITEMS.  Rejecting or moving agenda items eliminates them entirely from the draft and the BoardDocs system does not notify us that this action has taken place.  This creates a printing challenge as we prepare for agenda planning, a process which begins the morning of the planning meetings.  Rather than rejecting an item which may require further edits, please contact the Board Services Office directly.  We will assist you with modifying/editing agenda items as necessary.

Thank you.


Josefina Viorato

Confidential Administrative Assistant II

Board Services

4100 Normal Street, Room 2231

San Diego, CA  92103

( (619) 725-5551

7 (619) 297-5624





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