Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Statement by San Diego Unified Board of Education following Sept. 22, 2015 Closed Session Meeting

Statement by San Diego Unified Board of Education following Sept. 22, 2015 Closed Session Meeting


The Board has met in closed session this evening.  General Counsel carefully reviewed with us what is appropriate to discuss in closed session and what to discuss in open session.  Confidential personnel matters must be discussed in closed session, which we did.  The question of commissioning of an independent investigation of the conduct of a trustee must occur in open session. 

The single most important goal of the Board is that all the facts be placed before the public.  Therefore, the Board has authorized the Superintendent to release all pertinent information regarding what has transpired at SCPA over the past two to three years.  The Board has at all times been clear about the bases for the actions taken and we think it is important for the public also to understand the basis for these actions.  This information will be released within the next few days.


There are, however, other serious matters, about which we do not have access to all of the facts.  Therefore, in the interests of complete transparency and due process,  I will ask for the board to authorize an independent investigation into two other matters with regard to the conduct of Trustee Foster: 1) the recent fundraiser for her sons and 2) the issues surrounding a claim form that was filed with the District.  This proposal must be discussed at an open meeting of the board, at which point we can authorize the General Counsel to hire an independent investigator to provide a report to the Board of Education.  If that investigation is approved, the Board could then decide what action to take when it is provided with that report.  I (John Lee Evans) will request that this proposal for an investigation be placed on the next open session agenda on September 29, 2015. 


With the release of this information and an investigation we can make sure that the public has access to all of the facts.