Monday, March 15, 2010

NEWS RELEASE -- District Officials Appreciate Contract Ratification

NEWS RELEASE from the San Diego Unified School District, March 15, 2010


"Grateful" For Support of New Agreement &lsqauo; Kowba

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego Unified's leaders are appreciative of the
announcement Saturday that members of the San Diego Education Association
have ratified a new contract with the district.

The union's acceptance means that the Board can proceed with its current
plans to balance the spending plan for the next school year, which includes
a five-day furlough for teachers that is in the contract approved Saturday.
Based on the most recent proposed state budget, San Diego Unified is
planning on an $87 million reduction in its $1 billion operating budget for

"We are grateful to the SDEA and teachers for their approval of this
agreement," said Interim Superintendent Bill Kowba. "Concessions about
working conditions are very sensitive discussions. This will now allow our
Board to proceed in an orderly manner to craft a budget for 2010-11."

The Board canceled a rare Sunday meeting planned for March 14 as a result
of the contract ratification. The state Education Code requires permanent
teachers be notified by March 15 if they will not be receiving a contract
for the following school year. However, after the agreement with SDEA, the
district should be able to limit possible teacher staffing reductions to
probationary teachers, those with less than two full years of service. The
Board can wait until April 15 to notify probationary status teachers, under
the contract with SDEA. Teachers with long-term substitute contracts and
other temporary certificated staff will receive reminders that their
services will end at the close of the 2009-10 school year.

At its Tuesday, March 16, meeting, the Board will discuss sending notices by
April 15 to probationary teachers that they may not receive contract offers
for 2010-11 because of budget reductions.
Although permanent teachers will be receiving contract offers for 2010-11,
district staff anticipates reductions of 337.5 full-time equivalent teaching
positions would be necessary for the 2010-11 school year, based on current
budget estimates.

Bargaining continues with other unions representing San Diego Unified
employees, but the budget picture is coming into clearer focus, said Kowba.

"Despite another internal mid-year reduction of more than $15 million,
we've been able to belt-tighten this year without eliminating any full-time
staff," said Kowba. Because of state funding reductions, the district has
cut nearly $200 million from its budget since 2007.

The Board's next meeting is Tuesday, March 16, when several budget-related
items are on the agenda <> .

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