Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tiger Team Organization Kickoff Meeting - Operations and Efficiency Committee - 1/22/11

Please join San Diego Unified School District Board Trustees, Scott Barnett and Kevin Beiser for the Tiger Team Kickoff meeting on Saturday, January 22, 2011 to begin looking at district operations to generate efficiencies and savings.  All interested persons are encouraged to attend and participate. 


Date:               Saturday, January, 22, 2011


Time:              1:00-3:00 pm


Location:        Ballard Parent Center

2375 Congress Street

San Diego, CA  92110


Tiger Teams will initially be established to review the following areas:


·         Human Resources

·         Transportation/Fleet Management (including bussing schedules and operational costs)

·         IT (Information and Technology)

Including i21 plan and proposed data center

·         Special Education


We will also graciously accept general budget savings suggestions.


See attached January 11, 2011 announcement regarding the establishment of the Ad Hoc Committee on Operations and Efficiency and Tiger Teams to review district functions.  For additional information, visit the website at  While an RSVP is not required, it would be appreciated.  Suggestions for other areas to review, and/or your contact information to,


Attachment:    January 11 Board item H.2 (text below)


Agenda Item Text

Board Trustees, Scott Barnett and Kevin Beiser will discuss the newly established Ad Hoc Committee on Operations and Efficiency and will provide information on how the public can assist and participate.

Newly elected Board of Education Members Scott Barnett and Kevin Beiser are heading up the new Operations and Efficiency Committee.  The goal is to generate efficiencies and savings minimizing administrative costs so that more district resources can go directly to the classroom.

Trustees Barnett and Beiser are looking to recruit action-oriented "Tiger Teams," who will spend 30 to 45 days looking at individual functions within the district.  Each team will include district employees and citizen volunteers with private sector expertise in the areas being analyzed.  The Tiger Team will review a department’s purpose, how it operates and collect input from district employees and citizens on alternatives. Results will be reported back to the Board of Education and Superintendent for action.  Noticed public hearings will be held on recommendations prior to being sent to the board.

In addition to looking at consolidating Central Office departments and functions, the Operations and Efficiency Committee will be reviewing, at a minimum, the following areas in its initial review:

·         Human Resources

·         Transportation/Fleet Management, Including bussing schedules and operational costs

·         IT -- Information and Technology

·         Special Education

It should not be inferred that a review of an area indicates any specific concern over the current operation.

Any interested employee, parent or citizen is invited to participate in a “Tiger Team."

It's estimated the review of all district operations will take 12-18 months.

Members of the public with suggestions or who would like to become a member of a Tiger Team can send an email to In addition, a website has been established for the effort at


Melissa Hudson for the

Operations and Efficiency Committee


Board of Education

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San Diego, CA 92103-2682

Office: (619) 725-5550

Fax: (619) 297-5624

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