Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ADVISORY -- Logan Heights Joint Use Library Dedication Friday

Media partners: The city is handling the details on this
celebration/dedication, but it is great news for us at San Diego Unified.
It's the first time there's been a joint-use school/city library built on
school grounds.

We're also expecting a brother and sister in their 80s who are Logan
graduates (the brother speaks Spanish) and will be available for interviews.

For more information, contact Marion Hubbard at the library. Her contact
info is at the bottom of the release.


Jack Brandais
Communications Department
San Diego Unified School District
(619) 725-5570 (Desk)
(619) 607-0477 (Cell)

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New Logan Heights Branch Library Grand Opening, December 11, 2009

WHAT: Elementary and Middle School students lead Book Parade to open the
new Logan Heights Branch Library

The San Diego Public Library opens a sparkling new two-story,
25,000-square-foot branch library for the Logan Heights Community. The new
facility replaces a 3,967 square foot facility built in 1927. In a unique
arrangement, the library is on the Logan Elementary School grounds and
adjacent to Memorial Charter Middle School. Students from those two schools
will help open the new library at this festive event expected to draw
hundreds of participants.

Students from Logan Elementary School and Memorial Middle School have drawn
pictures depicting their favorite books. These students will parade their
book art from the old Logan Heights Branch Library (at 811 So.28th Street)
to the site of the new branch library (at 567 S. 28th Street) prior to the
branch¹s opening to the public.

WHO: Featured speakers at the event will include:
Ø Honorable Jerry Sanders, City of San Diego Mayor
Ø Council President Ben Hueso, City of San Diego Council District 8
Ø Deborah Barrow, Library Director for the San Diego Public Library
Ø Bill Kowba, Interim Superintendent, San Diego Unified School District
Ø Bessie Condos, California State Library, Library Facilities Consultant,
Youth Services Specialist
Ø Katie Sullivan, Library Commission Chair
Ø Pedro Moreno, Logan Heights Friends of the Library President

Others in attendance
Ø Donors and other Friends of the Logan Heights Branch Library
Ø Community Leaders
Ø General Public

WHEN: Friday, December 11, 2009
Ø 10:45 a.m. ­ Book Parade - Students from Logan Elementary School and
Memorial Middle School will parade from the old Logan Heights Branch Library
(at 811 So.28th Street) to the site of the new branch library (at 567 S.
28th Street).
Ø 11:00 a.m.     Grand Opening Ceremony and Ribbon Cutting ­ Includes
student representatives from Logan Heights Elementary and Memorial Middle

WHERE:       567 So. 28th St., San Diego, CA 92113 Map This Library


COST:            FREE
Light refreshments will be served

DETAILS:     The funding for this $14.5 million project was made possible by
a state grant of $5.35 million, a $3.4 million loan from the Federal Housing
and Urban Development, with the remainder being paid for by a grant from the
First 5 Commission of San Diego County, the Library System Improvement Fund
and developer fees. The San Diego Library Foundation has also been an active
partner on this project, raising an additional $230,000 in private
contributions, with additional gifts pending.

The new library is a major improvement over the existing facility and
benefits the community in several ways.
· With 25,000 square feet, the new library is more than six times
larger than the old 3,967-square-foot library built in 1927.
· The book collection of the branch has expanded from about 40,700 to
approximately 73,000.
· Compared to the ten computers available in the old library, the new
library has 66 public computers and two early literacy computers for
· The old facility had no dedicated parking, while the new library
has 186 dedicated parking spaces.
· There is a large collection of bilingual books and library
materials in a variety of formats.

The new library is a joint use project between the City of San Diego Public
Library and the San Diego Unified School District. The Joint Agreement
provides the City with a renewable property lease with the school district
of $1.00 per year for a minimum of 50 years. Students from Logan Elementary
and Memorial Charter schools will receive special accommodations, services
and materials at the library including:

· Access to the library by school faculty and students before
open hours.
· School priority for all meeting rooms, labs and seminar rooms.
· A Teacher Resource Collection of books and materials on teaching
and curriculum ideas.
· A 300-seat community room.
· "Centro Cultural," that will showcase student art and bring
cultural programming to the community.
· Establishment of a "teen board" for children to help plan the
programs and activities that relate to them.

The new Logan Heights Branch is also home to one of four Preschooler's Door
to Learning Centers at San Diego Public Library locations. Centers are
designed to promote school readiness from infancy, providing services for
self-enrichment and allow children to discover the pleasures of reading and
learning. The centers are a designated portion of a library designed
exclusively for children younger than five years, their parents and
caregivers. This area also includes space and equipment for the Families for
Literacy Program.
About the Public Art: Mural on Community Room
Title: ³Las Americas de Lejos²/³The Americas From Afar²

This mural, which was commissioned by the Arts and Culture Commission, is a
tribute to the native nations of the American southland of Chile to the
northern Arctic Circle, and the accomplishments of their societies through
astrology, civics, agriculture, architecture and art. The viewpoint is from
a spatial orbit on the underside of the earth, transforming the viewer into
a space traveler. The viewer is witness to the rotating earths on the lower
portion of the mural, to bring attention to current concerns and dangers of
changing climate, melting ice caps, electromagnetic polar shifts and the
effects of rapid technology. Simultaneously, the mural pays tribute to the
Mayan calendar that ends in 2012. One interpretation suggests that during
this transition, the planet and its inhabitants may undergo a positive
physical or spiritual transformation, and that 2012 may mark the beginning
of a new era.

Created by Roberto C. Salas - 2009
www.robertosalas.com <http://www.robertosalas.com>

About the Current Art in the Centro Cultural
³An Early History of Logan Heights Through Photography²
Twenty black and white images of Logan Heights from 1880¹s through 1970.
Copyright permission to use granted by the San Diego Historical Society.

CONTACT:  For more information contact Marion Moss Hubbard, Sr. Public
Information Officer for the San Diego Public Library at 619-236-5848 or
mhubbard@sandiego.gov.  Cell phone for day of event 619-980-0867.

About the San Diego Public Library <http://www.sandiegolibrary.org/>
San Diego Public Library, which is the largest library system in the region,
serves a population of more than 1.3 million people. Its mission is to
respond to the information needs of San Diego's diverse communities; ensure
equal access to local, national and global resources; anticipate and address
the educational, cultural, business and recreational interests of the
public; and develop and provide welcoming environments. Learn about other
events at the San Diego Public Library¹s Central Library and 35 branches,
find links to numerous additional resources, or search for materials in the
Library¹s online catalog.

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Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.
Sr. Public Information Officer
San Diego Public Library
820 E. Street, MS 17
San Diego, CA 92101
619-236-5848 (office)

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