Monday, November 7, 2011

MEDIA ADVISORY -- Major Childhood Obesity Report Released at Sandburg Elementary

Reporters and editors: We're hosting this news conference at 1:30 p.m.
Wednesday at Sandburg Elementary School in Mira Mesa and hope you can
attend. If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Moroney, Phone:

Jack Brandais | Communications Department | San Diego Unified School
District | (619) 725-5570 (Desk) | (619) 607-0477 (Cell)

** Media Advisory for Wednesday, November 9 **

Retired Generals and Admirals from California to Issue Warning: Childhood
Obesity and Lack of Physical Fitness Endanger National Security

San Diego Unified Superintendent Kowba Joins Retired Military Brass To
Encourage Increased Physical Activity and Better School Nutrition

What: Press Conference Focusing on Why Many Young Adults in California Are
Unfit for Military Service

Where: Sandburg Elementary School Playground

Address: 11230 Avenida del Gato, San Diego, CA 92126

When: 1:30 PM on Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Background: San Diego County Superintendent of Schools and retired Rear
Admiral William A. Kowba, Admiral Leon A. ³Bud² Edney, US Navy (Ret.), and
Major General James W. Comstock, US Army (Ret.) will host a press event on
the importance of increasing physical activity and improving nutrition in
California schools.

As retired military leaders and members of the national security nonprofit
Mission: Readiness, they will release a report called ³Unfit to Fight: A
Report on California² showing how obesity rates and lack of physical
fitness among children and young adults in California pose a threat to
national security. Weight problems have become the leading medical reason
why young adults are unable to serve in the military, both in California
and nationwide.

The retired military leaders will call on schools and communities
throughout California to incorporate moderate-to-vigorous physical
activity into the school day and to improve the nutritional quality of
food available to schoolchildren.

Photo/Video Opportunity: After the press conference, U.S. Marines from
nearby Marine Corps Air Station Miramar will lead Sandburg Elementary
students in various physical activity demonstrations to emphasize how the
school is meeting state requirements of 200 minutes of physical education
every 10 school days.

-- William A. Kowba, San Diego Unified School District Superintendent (and
retired admiral)
-- Rear Admiral, US Navy (Retired)
-- Leon A. "Bud" Edney, Admiral, US Navy (Retired)
-- James W. Comstock, Major General, US Army (Retired)
-- Geof Martin, Principal, Sandburg Elementary School

Media Contact: Meghan Moroney, Phone: 415-450-1913,

An embargoed copy of the report is available upon request.

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