Friday, November 4, 2011

NEWS RELEASE -- Jimmy Johnson Foundation, Lowe's Program Grant Almost $100,000 to District Schools

NEWS RELEASE from the San Diego Unified School District, Nov. 4, 2011


SAN DIEGO -- Clairemont High, Pt. Loma High and SciTech at San Diego High
are recipients of nearly $100,000 in total grants from the Jimmy Johnson
Foundation/Lowe's Toolbox for Education Champions Grants programs.

Clairemont received $30,680.41 to replace half-century old woodshop
equipment. Pt. Loma's $25,342 will purchase a fuel-injected engine trainer
and other equipment for their automotive technology lag. SciTech at San
Diego High will use the $43,936 to further its Green Technology and
Engineering Program. High Tech High Pt. Loma Village Schools, a San Diego
Unified Charter School, also received $47,040 to acquire updated
innovative classroom technology.

Johnson is an El Cajon native and five-time NASCAR champion. His
foundation has made several donations to San Diego Unified programs since
it was founded in 2006. The Jimmy Johnson Foundation/Lowe's Toolbox for
Education Champions Grants have given more than $300,000 to San Diego
Unified schools.

"This is a very generous donation to some really outstanding programs,"
said Superintendent Bill Kowba. "These types of donations are so important
as equipment and technology change faster than we can update equipment. Of
course, the entire San Diego Unified School District continues to be a big
fan of Jimmy Johnson."

In a statement, Johnson, who co-founded the program with his wife,
Chandra, said giving back to the community is extremely important.

³K-12 public education continues to be the primary focus of the Jimmie
Johnson Foundation,² Johnson said in a statement. ³It is amazing to read
through the applications and see the unbelievable needs of these schools.
We are honored to play a small part.²

For more information on this year's grants, contact Greg Quirin in the
College, Career and Technical Education program at (858) 509-1736.

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CONTACT: Greg Quirin, CCTE, 619-961-5989 (cell), Office 858-503-1736

Jack Brandais | Communications Department | San Diego Unified School
District | (619) 725-5570 (Desk) | (619) 607-0477 (Cell)

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