Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NEWS RELEASE -- Veteran San Diego Unified Administrator, Principal Staci D. Monreal Named Chief of Staff for New Superintendent

NEWS RELEASE from the San Diego Unified School District, May 8, 2013


SAN DIEGO ­ Staci D. Monreal, a veteran San Diego Unified administrator
and current principal of Marshall Elementary School in City Heights, has
been named the new Chief of Staff for Superintendent-designate Cindy

Monreal replaces the retiring Bernie Rhinerson on July 1, as Marten takes
over for the retiring Bill Kowba. The Board of Education approved the
appointment in closed session on May 7 and will act on the position
description at the Board¹s regular public meeting on May 14.

"Staci and I have worked together for many years and I have always been
impressed by her dedication to our students and her leadership skills,"
said Marten "She will be an invaluable resource to me as we work to
implement the Board's vision for a quality school in every neighborhood."

Monreal has extensive leadership experience in San Diego Unified School
District and has worked closely with Marten as a fellow City Heights
school principal. Marten was Monreal's successor as principal at Central
Elementary, where Monreal served from 2003-08.

In 1989, Monreal joined San Diego Unified as a classroom teacher at
Zamorano Elementary School. She has held a number of positions at schools
and in the district's central administration, including: Director of
Literacy, Biliteracy and Social Studies, 1998-03; and vice-principal of
Mason Elementary, 1996-98.

Her career has also taken her to cities outside of San Diego. In 2008-09,
she was an administrator for the Los Angeles Schools program under Mayor
Antonio Villaraigosa. And, she spent 2004-06 coaching principals in the
Flint Community Schools, a 9,000-student district in Michigan.

"Having such a varied background means that Staci not only knows the
issues that face children on a daily basis, but the kind of organizational
effort we need to help kids overcome the odds that might be against them,"
said Marten.

As Chief of Staff, Monreal will work with Marten to ensure that the
day-to-day operations of the district run smoothly.

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