Thursday, June 24, 2010

NEWS RELEASE -- Overnight Camping for Inner-City Kids

Reporters and editors: Below is a news release from the principal at Central
Elementary School regarding an outstanding event that's ongoing at the
school. Your coverage is invited. Contact Principal Cindy Marten at Central
should you have any questions.


Jack Brandais
Communications Department
San Diego Unified School District
(619) 725-5570 (Desk)
(619) 607-0477 (Cell)

For Immediate Release
Authentic overnight tent camping experience at
Louis Stelzer County Park
11470 Wildcat Canyon Road
Lakeside, CA 92040
Contact Person at the Park During Event
Cindy Marten, Principal Central Elementary: 619-322-4066
Judy Meeker: 619-980-4123
Directions: From the west, take 8 east to 67 north to Winter Gardens Blvd.
Turn right and keep right at the fork in the road to Winter Gardens, then
turn left onto Woodside Avenue. Turn left on Maine Avenue, then right onto
Mapleview St., and left onto Ashwood St. Ashwood becomes Wildcat Canyon
Road, and the park is at 11470 Wildcat Canyon Road.
112 Third Graders from Central Elementary School in City Heights
sponsored by the Jarrett Meeker Foundation
June 23, 2010 through June 25, 2010
June 26th is the National Wildlife Federation Great American Backyard
Campout to help raise awareness of the importance of getting kids out into
The 112 inner-city students will study and explore the outdoor environment
in a thrilling and adventurous Overnight Campout learning experience. The
children from Central Elementary live in the middle of the city with very
little opportunity to ever experience the outdoors and to camp in a tent!
This experience helps connect students to our natural world and fosters the
desire to be good stewards of the environment.
Outdoor Learning experiences (and media opportunities) include:
· learning about Kumeyaay Indian life and playing Indian games with the
Barona Cultural Museum
· seeing and handling artifacts and activities relating to the Mexican
Gray Wolves from the California Wolf Center
· Stargazing at night with the San Diego Astronomy Association
· Campfire with songs, stories and of course S¹mores.
· a ranger guided hike
· Planting oak tree saplings, and learning about composting with a
· making a clay pot to take home
· a live animal presentation from Kruisin Kritters.
Studies from the National Wildlife Federation show that children benefit
greatly through participation in activities that bring them in contact with
the natural world. Children are shown to grow lean and strong; experience
enhanced creativity and attention spans; decrease aggression, and have a
boost in classroom performance. Bottom line - healthier and happier kids!
Camping equipment generously provided by REI and Adventure 16.

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